Alan with the green carnation

The London of Oscar Wilde

The Original London Walk every Saturday

11:00 am  Green Park Underground, Royal Academy exit (Victoria, Jubilee & Piccadilly Lines) London. The 1890s. Gaslit streets echoing to the rattle of hansom cabs and the silvery laughter of stage-door Johnnies and chorus girls. The London of Whistler, Beardsley, Shaw, Lillie Langtry, and Gilbert & Sullivan. Above all, the London of Oscar Wilde, amusing and outraging Victorian Society by turns. Oscar - refulgent, majestic, ready to fall. And fall he did. His life came crashing down ... mired in scandal and broken in three of the most celebrated trials of all time. We follow in his footsteps ... tracing his triumph and tragedy in the very places where the drama unfolded, bringing to an end the Naughty Nineties. Guided by Alan (who'll be attired as Oscar himself, green carnation and all!)

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