New York Walk 1

Oscar Wilde in New York

Walk I: Nothing but my genius 

Madison Square Park to Union Square. 

In 1882, Oscar Wilde arrived in New York and famously declared his genius. 

This walk traces his arrival with a leafy stroll through Madison Square and Gramercy Park discovering the places he knew and visited as he made his New York debut in the social and literary world. Unearth the reasons for Oscar's visit, and the stories behind his lectures, parties, receptions, and appearances in the leading periodicals of the day. Along the way, discover many other celebrities and literary giants of the period and Wilde's connection with them. 

The walk concludes in Union Square where the famous photographs were taken of Oscar Wilde that have largely formed the visual image we have of him today. 

Meet at the statue of Chester A. Arthur in Madison Square Park close to the corner of E. 26th Street and Madison Avenue. 

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